View, edit, and create bottle orders by clicking Bottle Orders in the sidebar. Orders in draft status can be edited; orders that have been submitted cannot be changed. Also displayed is Order Date, Bottles (number and size), Swabs, the submission status (Draft, Submitted, Shipped), and the FedEx or UPS tracking number.

  • To update, click the Order Number. To edit a bottle order draft, click the name of the order you would like to edit and follow the steps.
  • To order bottles, click the Order Bottles button under Quick Links on your dashboard and enter your information.
  • Choose Bottles:  Click the green Add Bottles button. Use the drop-down box to select the appropriate bottle size and type the desired quantity of bottles in the Quantity box. To add bottles of another size, just click Add Bottles again and select a different size. To delete a row, click the trashcan icon.
  • Order Other Supplies: To order swabs, type the number of swabs you need in the Select Number of Swabs box. To order testing supplies (e.g. boxes, liners, cold packs, etc.), list the supplies and quantities in the Other Supplies box.
  • Select Tests: Click the Select Tests button and using the check boxes to check the appropriate tests. Once you have selected your tests, click Done. To add or remove tests, simply click the Edit Tests button.
  • Enter Shipping Information: Your company name, first name, last name, and phone number will be prepopulated with the information provided during registration.
  • You can designate a different shipping contact and address by entering the address, city, state, and postal code of the location where the bottles should be shipped. Save your bottle order as a draft or submit.
  • Submitted orders cannot be edited.