In User Management, admins can invite users, assign roles, and set permissions. Roles and permissions are indicated by a green checkmark; a red “X” indicates access and permissions not granted.  

The following roles are visible in the portal when assigned by the admin user. Roles can be restricted to the data the user created (Owner) or expanded to include all information in the portal (All). 

  • Active portal: The admin can change the status of an active user to inactive when a user no longer requires portal access.
  • Billing: Users with access to billing can update information and pay invoices.
  • Report Access: Users with Owner permissions can access reports linked to Chains of Custody they submitted. Users with Allpermissions can access all reports. 
  • Bottle orders: Users with access to bottle orders can submit bottle orders. Users with Owner permissions can view and edit their bottle orders. Users with All permissions can view and edit all bottle orders in the portal.
  • Chain of Custody: Users can create and submit Chains of Custody. Users with Owner permissions are restricted to their chains of custody. Users with All permissions can view and edit all Chains of Custody.